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COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Process Update

How is the CSHD COVID-19 vaccine appointment process changing?

Central Shenandoah Health District is transitioning our COVID-19 vaccine clinic appointment process from invitation-only to a combination of invitation-only and posting appointment slots on our website starting Sunday, March 7th. CSHD will be posting available appointment slots for the next day's clinics at 12:00 pm on our website. These appointments are based on vaccine availability. CSHD will be continuing to use the State Pre-Registration database to pull names of eligible persons and inviting them to our clinics first. If there are still appointment slots that need to be filled, then these appointments will be available on our website.

How will you be able to schedule an appointment?

Persons who are pre-registered will receive priority access to vaccine appointments. CSHD will first notify eligible persons who are pre-registered on the State Pre-Registration System. Invites will be sent 2-5 days before a clinic. We will also call individuals who indicate that they do not have an email. If there are still appointment slots that need to be filled for a clinic, we will make those slots available on our website the day before at 12:00 PM.

Why is COVID-19 vaccine appointment process changing?

Our supply of COVID-19 vaccines has increased and we expect that increase to continue over the coming weeks. This means that we will have more vaccine appointments available to eligible groups. Over the past week, our appointment uptake from the pre-registration links sent via email has been low. We email and call pre-registered, eligible persons with invitations to our clinics. We understand that there are many people who missed these vaccine appointment invitations. To help those who may have missed our emails or calls, we are adding available COVID-19 vaccination appointment slots on our website. We hope to make appointments more accessible to eligible community members and provide another way to register for an appointment. Our goal is to get vaccines in arms as quickly, efficiently, and equitably as possible.

Who is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine appointments posted on our website?

Currently, these appointments are only available for those aged 65+ and 50-64 with high risk medical conditions or disabilities that increase their risk of severe illness from COVID-19 who live or work in the Central Shenandoah Health District. We will be expanding our clinics to others in this eligibility category in the coming weeks.

The scheduling system does not have the capability of screening registrants based on eligibility criteria. Even if you receive a system-generated confirmation, if you do not meet the eligibility criteria, your appointment will be canceled.

Essential workers in Phase 1a and Phase 1b will need to pre-register at vaccinate.virginia.gov. CSHD will continue to invite essential workers to vaccine opportunities using the Pre-registration Database. Individuals who are dually eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine due to age, medical condition, and occupation are able to access these appointment slots on our website if they meet the requirements.

Should I still pre-register for the vaccine?

Yes. You should still pre-register at vaccinate.virginia.gov. We are still contacting people by phone and email to schedule appointments. Persons who are pre-registered will receive priority access to vaccine appointments. If there are appointment slots left over within 24 hours of a clinic, then we will post those available appointments to our website at 12:00 PM the day before a clinic.