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Trimming Hedges, Shrubs & Trees Along Sidewalks

In many areas throughout the city we have encroaching hedges, shrubs and low hanging tree limbs growing from private property onto neighborhood sidewalks and streets. This is creating obstructions on the walkways for pedestrians and in the roadways for motorists for a line of clear sight. This problem can be more significant for elderly and handicap residents but also children who are at play and unaware of the danger. Properties located on corner lots with overgrown hedges and low hanging tree limbs are causing a safety risk to motorists and pedestrians whose clear line of sight is obstructed.

Substantial rainfall this year has accelerated plant growth, making sidewalk obstruction and intersectional lines of sight a serious issue. Please take into consideration our narrow walkways and small intersections, especially if your property is a corner lot. Low visibility is causing motorists to have to slowly pull halfway into the street to see oncoming traffic.

Property owners can easily identify these conditions by performing a quick visual inspection along the sidewalks and streets adjoining their properties. Trimming back any overgrowth will quickly remedy the obstruction, making our neighborhoods safer for all citizens. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t trim anything if there is a chance of hitting powerlines. If your tree is in a powerline and obstructing line of sight for drivers, call your electric company for help.

We are not asking that hedges, shrubs or trees be removed, only that they be trimmed back to create unobstructed safe passage and clear lines of sight for pedestrians and drivers. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

If you have questions, contact Lexington Public Works at 463-3154.