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FY 21 Rate Increases and Procedure Updates

Effective July 1, 2020, the City of Lexington will initiate the following:

  1. All customers will be billed for water and sewer services on a monthly basis.  Bi-monthly, zonal billing will be eliminated.
  2. It is anticipated that the City’s water and sewer rates, and associated fees, will be increased by eight percent (8%).  The City’s final rate structure must be approved by City Council.  This increase is largely attributed to wholesale water and sewer increases imposed by the Maury Service Authority.
  3. Property owners must complete an “Owner Authorization Agreement” form prior to placing service accounts in tenant’s names.  The property owners will now be liable for tenant past due accounts.  This form may be found on the City’s web-site.
  4. Automatic bank drafting will be offered for water and sewer service account payments.  Those wishing to utilize this service must first complete an “Automatic Recurring Bank Draft Authorization” form.  This form may be found on the City’s web-site.
  5. Utility deposits will be based on meter size.
  6. The customer, or their representative, must be present in the dwelling during service “Cut-On” to ensure internal plumbing fixtures are functioning properly upon resumption of service.
  7. Customers are reminded to sign up for the SENSUS Customer Portal to monitor their water consumption.  This link may be found on the City’s Website under “Water and Sewer Service”.

Should you have any questions, please contact Director of Public Works, Jeffrey Martone at (540)463-3154.