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Lexington Street Resurfacing Program Schedule for Summer '19



Jeff Martone

Director of Public Works       

(540) 463-3154


June 13, 2019

Lexington Street Resurfacing Program Schedule

Adams Construction has been contracted by the City to complete the 2019 Street Resurfacing program. The contractor has 90 calendar days to complete the program which began May 28, 2019. The contractor’s tentative paving schedule is outlined below. All work days are weather permitting. Work will be performed between the hours of 8AM and 5PM, Monday through Friday.

Street Name                      From                                                     To                                         Proposed Work Dates
US 11 Bypass                      Maury River Bridge                         South City Line                  Complete
Taylor Street                      Wallace Street                                   Houston Street                To be Determined          
Walker Street                    Houston Street                                East Nelson Street           June 24th – 28th

Summit Street                   Houston Street                                 Dead End                             June 24th – 28th
Miller Street                       Houston Street                                Dead End                             June 24th – 28th
Center Street                    Miller Street                                       Dead End                             June 24th – 28th
Thompson’s Knoll            All Streets                                           All Streets                           June 24th & 25th


Additional paving locations may be added to the program as funding permits. These locations include Old Borden Road, Borden Road, Alum Springs Road, and Lime Kiln Road. If monies are available these locations may be resurfaced the week of July 1st. The schedule herein will be updated accordingly.

Rockbridge alerts will be issued as the work progresses. Additionally, the contractor will provide impact notices when working in residential areas. Residents and businesses are asked to avoid parking on the street when work is scheduled in order to preclude negatively impacting the contractor’s performance. Motorists are requested to exercise extreme caution when traveling through these work zones until construction is fully complete.

Residents should expect heavy equipment noise, moderate construction dust, and minor disruptions to normal traffic flow; however, when the program is compete, roadway safety, aesthetics, and ride quality will be noticeably improved. Cooperation and patience is appreciated.

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