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City to pause Main Street waterline work during Holiday Season

Lexington Public Works         
(540) 463-3154                                                 

November 8, 2018

In an effort to reduce project impacts to the Central Business District (CBD) during the month of December, Lexington’s Main Street waterline contractor will stop work on the Main Street installation on November 21, 2018.

Between now and November 21st, work on Main Street will continue one block at a time, installing as much 12-inch pipe as possible without worrying about tie-ins or connections as originally conceived. From November 21st until the first of the year, the contractor will drop back to work on a service connection outside of the CBD. The only work that will be permitted in the CBD during December will be the waterline installation and tie-in on Washington Street from Main Street to Randolph Street.

The City Manager may grant an extension of a few days past November 21st if this will get the project to a logical stopping point for the holidays. Should the service connection work not be sufficient enough to occupy the contactor during December, the workers will be permitted to leap-frog to Maiden Lane and start working their way back to the CBD on Main Street.

For more information, visit lexingtonva.gov/gov/projects/main_street_waterline.htm.