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Lexington Launches Online Customer Portal for Water Usage Tracking

Lexington residents can now access their water meter 24 hours a day through the City’s new web-based SENSUS Customer Portal. The portal allows customers to get interactive with their water usage and take advantage of easy-to-use analytics to help save money, protect property and stay informed. Users can monitor their usage over time and enable the system to send alerts about water usage while on vacation. Average temperature and rainfall graphs are also provided on the portal, which can be helpful for gardeners in correlating irrigation with water usage.

“By providing a way to better understand their water usage trends, this tool can help residents save money and conserve resources,” said Jeff Martone, Director of Public Works.

Residents can sign up online using the link below. Have a water bill in hand when creating your account as certain information on your bill will be required for set up. (Only use the first 6 numbers of your water account and use the Customer Name exactly as it appears on your water account.)  Need help using the portal? Engineer Technician Thomas Wagner has created a useful training video.

Access the City of Lexington SENSUS Customer Portal here.

Contact the Public Works Department for any questions at (540)463-3154.