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City of Lexington responds to accidental diesel spill at Public Works yard

On or about November 8, 2017, an employee accidentally ruptured an abandoned fuel tank at the City of Lexington’s Public Works yard, which discharged approximately 25 gallons of diesel into a gravel pile, according to projections by Public Works personnel. The tank was damaged during yard clean-up operations that had been previously recommended by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

The extent of the leak was not immediately apparent, and the City is now coordinating with DEQ to ensure the site is remediated in full compliance with state code. In the meantime, the City has contacted Commonwealth Environmental, a remediation consulting company, to receive a proposal for this work. The City anticipates remediation will involve contaminated soil excavation, subgrade testing, and disposal of contaminated soils at a licensed landfill in Richmond. In addition to these measures the City will remain in contact with DEQ and comply with any further recommendations as they are made. 

The City is committed to reviewing and improving its protocols for the handling, storage and disposal of materials to minimize the risk of such spills in the future.