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Factors Involved in Roadway Paving Prioritization

This summer Lexington’s Public Works Department resurfaced several streets throughout the City, including portions of Jefferson Street, Nelson Street, Washington Street and Preston Street. These efforts are part of a greater ongoing mission to build a better Lexington. We recognize that there is still much to do. Many citizens ask: “When is my road getting paved?” The following factors are considered when City staff prioritize roadway paving needs.

  1. Funding: Each year, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) allocates monies to the City based on the lane miles of Inventory streets contained within its limits. These monies go towards roadway maintenance and snow removal. Funding for Non-Inventory street maintenance is derived solely from City tax dollars.  Yearly, City staff apply for additional paving monies to augment municipal funds through the VDOT programs identified below. This year the City was successful in acquiring almost a million dollars in VDOT Primary Extension Paving monies for the resurfacing of E. and W. Nelson Street, White Street, and a portion of By-Pass Route 11.  As another example, the City intends to reconstruct Taylor Street in its entirety, from Houston Street to Wallace Street.  The City hopes to off-set the large cost of this endeavor with monies from the VDOT Revenue Sharing program (50% State match).
  2. Roadway Paving Rating: The City maintains a database of roadway Pavement Ratings for all of its streets.  VDOT additionally maintains independent Pavement Ratings for many of the City’s arterial streets.  These ratings rank a roadway’s performance on a scale of 60 (poor) to 100 (excellent).  These ratings are used by City staff to prioritize maintenance needs.
  3. Not Just Resurfacing: The City currently has 30+ years of water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer improvements, both programmed and un-programmed, contained within its Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). City staff must carefully marry the schedule of utility projects and paving projects such that resurfaced streets are not disturbed for much of the pavement's design life.  As an example, there are many portions of North and South Main Street that warrant resurfacing; however, the City currently has a project under design to install a new 12” water line down Main Street from Preston Street to Maiden Lane.  The City additionally has a VDOT Smart Scale project on the books to improve the remainder of North Main Street to By-Pass Route 11. 
  4. Roadway Bundling: Often, the City receives more favorable resurfacing prices by bundling contiguous streets into one bid letting, as long as the criteria above are satisfied.  This process is more cost and time efficient than tackling sporadic work zones throughout the City.

Please do not hesitate to call the Public Works Department if you would like to know about a specific project (540)-463-3154.

VDOT Funding Programs
There are several different programs from which successful applicants may obtain VDOT financial assistance for roadway and bridge maintenance, repairs, and improvements. City staff aggressively pursue financial assistance where circumstances merit.  Below are some of the VDOT funding mechanisms Lexington frequently pursues: