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Political Campaign Sign Placement Regulations

As election day approaches, campaign signs have been popping up around our city. Please keep in mind that there are restrictions on where these signs can be placed. 

Campaign signs cannot be placed in rights-of-way. Section 420-205 of the City sign ordinance requires all signs to be confined within private property and therefore they cannot be placed on City property, including the street rights-of-way. Street right-of-way includes the area between sidewalks or utility poles and the roadway. 

Lexington Police Department will pick up and deliver any illegally placed political campaign signs to the Planning office, located on the second floor of City Hall at 300 East Washington Street. All signs removed by police will be available to be picked up by the sign owner for one week at the Planning office. 

Thank you for your compliance and understanding. Please call the Planning Department with any questions at (540)-462-3704.