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Message to Charlottesville

Message to Charlottesville          
August 17, 2017

We stand united in our message that Love will overcome.

The City of Lexington stands united in its rejection of the hatred, racism, and violence just witnessed in Charlottesville and on the campus of UVA this past weekend. Furthermore, we condemn the actions of the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and White Supremacists and any and all hate groups that perpetuate fear and violence.  There is no room for this behavior in our community nor in our nation. The shameful, vile, and tragic events in Charlottesville are completely unacceptable and are alien to the values and spirit of America. 

We are grateful to the men and women of the emergency response teams, Charlottesville Police, Virginia State Police and Virginia National Guard who worked courageously to maintain order and public safety in the face of grave adversity, mounting tensions, and unnecessary anger. We honor and remember Heather Heyer and  Virginia State Police officers Lieutenant H. Jay Cullen and Trooper-Pilot Berke M.M. Bates who lost their lives during the tragic weekend in Charlottesville. We humbly offer our thoughts and prayers for their families and for the many innocent injured. We pray for peace and a speedy recovery for the families impacted and for the scars left on the greater Charlottesville community.

Earlier this week, Lexington City provided a tangible token in sending an ambulance and crew to support the Charlottesville community in this time of great stress. Looking to the future, we offer aid as you move forward from this hideous event. We stand ready to engage in dialogue to support the healing process and to seek out ways our communities can work together to promote peace, love, and respect.

In Lexington, we continue to grapple with our own Civil War history and the best ways to remember it. Respectful dialogue, kind debate, and genuine love are the behaviors we must embrace, must promote, and must purposefully pursue.

In closing, we categorically reject bigotry and racism!  We must continue to lead and work hard to be kind, to be respectful of our diversity, to promote inclusiveness and to be a beacon of civility in the days ahead.