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City of Lexington Announces Residential Glass Pickup in an Effort to Raise Recycling Rates

City of Lexington
300 E Washington Street
Lexington, VA 24450

July 21, 2017

For Immediate Release:


LEXINGTON, VA – The City of Lexington will begin residential curbside pickup of glass recycling on July 31, 2017. This implementation of glass recycling is part of an effort to increase recycling rates and overall recycling awareness in Lexington.

“We are striving to create a more economically and environmentally sustainable community here in Lexington,” said City Manager Noah A. Simon. “Providing a practical way for residents to divert glass waste from the landfill is one step in that direction.”

While the City is proud to launch residential glass recycling this month, glass-only recycling totes will not be available to residents until October 2017. During this interim period between July 31st and October tote delivery, residents who wish to participate in glass recycling will need to provide their own totes or containers, as glass must be separated from other comingled recycling. This can include plastic tubs, laundry bins, waste bins, or anything clean and weatherproof. Cardboard receptacles are suitable only when the weather forecast is dry. Alternatively, recycling totes are available for sale at local retail stores.

Recycle Lex VA – City Recycling Campaign:

Lexington’s existing recycling rate is roughly 18.5% year to date, compared to Virginia’s statewide rate of 44%. Lexington City officials would like to close that gap, the goal being to reach a 35% recycling rate by 2020. Presently the city participation rate is 22%, so there is plenty of opportunity to accomplish this goal through improved participation.

In an effort to reach this goal, the City will provide residents with 32-gallon recycling carts for comingled materials in addition to recycling totes for glass this October. Furthermore, the City will use its own communication outlets to educate residents on how to recycle and provide insight on the benefits of recycling. Local businesses with recycling initiatives are also being recognized, specifically in a new series led by the City called “Caught Green-Handed,” which is on viewable via City of Lexington social media outlets as well as in the City Manager’s Weekly Memos.

Information on glass recycling for Lexington residents:

o Please place all recyclables, along with trash, out for collection the night before your neighborhood’s scheduled collection day.

o Glass recyclables should be placed in separate recycling containers or cans that do not exceed 32 gallons or 50 pounds. No glass placed in bags of any type will be picked up.

o The city will collect glass bottles and jars only; broken bottles and jars are okay. Containers must be emptied and lids/corks removed.

o Unacceptable Items include ceramics, windshields, Pyrex, light bulbs, windows, fish tanks, mirrors, dishes, plates, glasses.

For more information on recycling, please visit our website or call the Public Works Department at 540-463-3154.