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Enfield Area Wastewater Line Improvement Project

The city has awarded a contract to Aaron J. Conner, General Contractor, Inc. to improve neighborhood wastewater collection lines in the Enfield Road area of the city. Work will be performed on Battery Lane, Confederate Circle, Pickett Street, Lampe Circle, and Willow Lane. It is anticipated that the work on Confederate Circle will consist of open cutting and replacing the existing lines. On remaining streets the work will be performed using a trenchless method of technology called “fold and form pipe lining”. Prior to performing pipe lining, there will be some locations where “point line repairs” to damaged pipe line sections will be necessary. Service laterals from the main to individual property lines will be replaced and new cleanouts installed. Some manholes will also be refurbished.

Work will begin the week of 19 June, consisting primarily of line video inspection, point repairs, and start of pipe lining on Battery Lane, Pickett Street, Lampe Circle, and Willow Lane. Excavation work on Confederate Circle will start within the next two to three weeks. The contractor will typically be onsite by 7:00 AM to prepare for the day’s activity, but won’t begin major work tasks until 7:30 AM and end the day at 5:00 PM. Occasionally, the contractor may work beyond 5:00 PM to complete lining a an entire scheduled section of pipe. All work on the project should be complete in five months or less. The contractor will post impact notices to individual homes when work is scheduled on a particular street.

Motorists travelling through these neighborhoods are requested to exercise extreme care and caution when driving through the work areas. The cooperation and patience of residents is appreciated. This project is another step in renewing critical aging city infrastructure.