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Pavement Marking and Striping

A Public Works crew will begin semiannual pavement marking and striping within the downtown area on Sunday April 23rd, weather permitting.  It is expected the work will take 5 to 7 nights to complete.  The crew will work from midnight to 8:00 AM to minimize disruption to traffic and normal business activity.  Work consists of painting lane markings, stop lines, parking spaces, arrows, crosswalks, and curbs on streets and in municipal parking lots.  Work may extend into the week of 1 May or later if weather delays occur.  Some streets will not be striped and marked, such as Jefferson, because of planned resurfacing in late spring.

The downtown work area typically includes Main Street from McDowell St. to the north city line; Washington St. from E. Nelson St. to W. Nelson St.; Henry St.; Preston St.; Varner Lane; Randolph St.; Jefferson St.; and Lee Av.  Space markings in McCrum’s, Old Firehouse, and Roy Smith municipal lots are also included.

Motorists travelling through the downtown area are requested to exercise extreme care when driving at night.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  Striping and marking in other parts of the city will be performed in August.