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Annual Loose Leaf Collection Services Extended

Public Works will continue curbside loose leaf collection in the city through the week of 9 January 2017. This extended collection period is being provided owing to late seasonal leaf drop and weather delays impacting the original schedule. After 13 January 2017, leaves must be bagged and will then be collected as part of regular solid waste pickup. Please bag leaves or place in plastic trash cans after this date as the city cannot effectively pick up leaves placed on tarps.

The curbside schedule in neighborhoods, beginning the week of 26 December, will follow the sequence shown on the accompanying aerial map starting with Section 1, then proceed to Sections 2 and 3. Services will typically terminate in a staggered sequence based upon the three collection sections as shown on the aerial map legend. However, if all leaves are collected in a section in less time than the week scheduled, then the crew will proceed to the next section. The rate of progress depends upon the quantity of leaves that are placed out for collection in any section and weather. Collection is significantly affected by wet weather causing delay or significantly slowing progress. Snow accumulation precludes collection.

Loose leaves should be raked to the curb or edge of pavement. Leaf piles should not block streets or sidewalks as this can pose a safety hazard to pedestrians and motorists. Please rake leaves to the curb as close as possible to the scheduled collection day to mitigate leaves blowing on to streets and neighboring properties. Also, leaves can enter stormwater collection inlets creating backups and flooding conditions in neighborhoods, possibly causing damage to private or city property. So, please avoid piling at inlets.

Small leave quantities can easily be mulched by mowing activity. Mulched leaves benefit lawns and gardens and eliminate the need to rake or bag. This is an environmentally friendly practice and is encouraged. Lastly, when raking loose leaves to the curb please be careful not to include rocks or large pieces of wood as this can cause equipment damage, injury, and schedule delays.

The City appreciates in advance citizen patience and cooperation.

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