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The City of Lexington is committed to providing the community with as much information as possible in the most accessible manner as possible. To help, we have organized our efforts to provide clear information in a central location.

City Phone List - refer to this page for any of your needs to contact the City via phone.

Public Meeting Agendas and Audio

The City organizes all meeting packets and audio on the website and City Council meeting packets and minutes on iCompass (note that the audio is located in our DropBox file, which you can access directly here). If you would like to see approved minutes from a meeting, contact Jani Hostetter at jhostetter@lexingtonva.gov or 540-462-3704.

Budget Visualization Tool

The City of Lexington has partnered with regional nonprofit Smart Cville to create an interactive, web-based budget visualization tool. The tool allows the public to understand where the City’s revenues come from and how they are spent in a simple, straightforward manner. The public can also access the PDF format of the adopted budget for current and past years on the Finance Department page.

Social Media

Social media is a secondary means of communication that the City uses to post important news, information and updates in order to reach a broader number of residents. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

City Manager's Weekly Report

The City Manager publishes a weekly report that is sent out via email to subscribers. Those who don't subscribe can view past reports on the City website. Click here to view past reports and to subscribe to the weekly e-newsletter.

Lexington Geographic Information System (GIS)

The City of Lexington utilizes an online GIS to show parcel information within the city limits. You can access the City of Lexington's GIS online, or you can visit the Planning and Development Department during normal office hours.

Public Records Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request

To submit a request to view or receive a copy of a public record, fill out the FOIA Request Form. Requests are also accepted via phone, email, fax, mail or in-person. Visit the City’s FOIA web page for more information.

City Calendar

City of Lexington maintains an online calendar with public meeting dates as well as information regarding Lexington City Schools and Rockbridge Area Recreation Organization.

Comprehensive Plan Update

City of Lexington began updating the Comprehensive Plan in March of 2018. In order to stay informed, subscribe to the Comprehensive Plan Update E-Newsletter here. Refer to the  Comprehensive Plan Update web page for more information on the Comprehensive Plan, and contact the Planning Director with any questions at aglaeser@lexingtonva.gov or 540-462-3704. 

Citizen Complaints

Citizens can send Citizen Complaint Forms to jhostetter@lexingtonva.gov. Complaints can also be received via phone, email, fax, mail or in-person.

Have a question or suggestion? Contact Jani Hostetter at jhostetter@lexingtonva.gov.