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Jordan's Point Dam Removal


Most Recent Update: As of June 5, 2019, the on-the-ground portion of this project is complete.  The eight railroad piers, the concrete dam, and the wooden crib dam (that was exposed upstream of the concrete dam) have all been removed per the project plans and permits.  Per the historic resources MOA, excavation at the millrace entrance was carried out to match the elevation of the millrace headgate.  The two millstones that were located downstream of the Dam were retrieved.  The park trail and surrounding areas have been returned to pre-project conditions.  The newly exposed streambanks along the entire previously impounded reach have been seeded with a native riparian seed mix.

Per the Section 106 MOA, work on historic resource documentation continues and will be made available when complete.


11/14/18 News Release: State completes environmental assessment for dam removal project at Jordan's Point Park

Located in and owned by the City of Lexington, the Jordan’s Point Dam is structurally compromised and has significant cracks, voids, and leaks. Constructed at an undetermined date prior to 1900 to power various mill operations, the now-defunct Jordan’s Point Dam (also referred to as East Lexington Dam) measures approximately 10-feet high by 185-feet long. This “run-of-the-river,” “low-head” dam impounds approximately 1.2 miles of the Maury River. The dam creates a fish-passage barrier and impacts the hydrology and ecology of the impounded reach. Public safety with regard to the dam has been a concern since 2006 when a local teenager drowned after going over the dam into the powerful, downstream hydraulic.  Recent public involvement as to the fate of the dam included several public-comment meetings and resulted in a unanimous vote by the Lexington City Council to partner with Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries to pursue removal of a portion of the structure.

 Updated Project Status

FINAL Memorandum of Agreement

FINAL Environmental Assessment

FINAL Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)

2007 Dam Inspection Report

Millrace Assessment Report

More Information about the Project

Draft Environmental Assessment public review closed on September 27, 2018

Jordan's Point Park Master Plan

 Nine proposals were received from planning and design firms in response to a widely advertised Request for Qualifications.  A selection committee comprised of the Finance Director, Public Works Director, Planning Director and Public Information Officer reviewed the proposals and invited four firms to present their proposals to the selection committee.  In conformance with the selection process outlined in the Request for Qualifications, the top two qualified firms selected by the selection committee will present their proposals to City Council.  

The Jordan’s Point Park master plan is included in the current fiscal year budget and some funding for implementation is included in the next fiscal year’s budget.

Presentation by LPDA Landscape Architecture Land Planning

Presentation by the Timmons Group