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Recycling totes and carts will be available for citizens through the Public Works Department this fall. In order to reserve a cart and tote for your residence, call Public Works at (540)-463-3154. The provided 32-gallon cart will be meant for commingled recyclables, and the tote will be meant for glass recyclables. 

The City strongly encourages all citizens and businesses to recycle.  Recycling saves landfill space by minimizing waste material disposal, reduces disposal costs at the landfill, and is a sustainable, environmentally friendly practice that will not only benefit current citizens, but also future generations as well.

The Lexington Public Works Department collects recycling using an orange loadpacker truck.  The truck is well marked with signs and decals to distinguish it from the solid waste loadpacker truck.  All materials collected in this truck are recycled.  When the primary recycling truck needs maintenance or repair, a stake body truck will be used as backup.


Recycling is collected Monday through Friday, including all holidays.

In residential neighborhoods recycling is collected on the same day as household solid waste.  A collection schedule and map are available to identify residential collection days.

Recycling is collected each day Monday through Friday at businesses located in the Central Business District, businesses located outside the district, schools, and residences in the downtown area.

Recycling should be set out along with solid waste on scheduled collection day or days.

Large items like white metal goods are collected by our bulk truck in the morning of the scheduled solid waste collection day.

Recycling Receptacles

Recycled materials should be placed in weatherproof receptacles, including totes, carts or bins. Containers should not exceed 32-gallon size and should be clearly identified for recycling by symbol, stenciled or stick-on letters, or decals.

Except for large pieces of cardboard, all other recycled material may be comingled in one or more recycling receptacles.

Recycled Materials

Acceptable recycled materials include:

Paper products such as books, cereal boxes, dry food containers, paper, junk mail, magazines, newspaper, and office paper.

Cardboard products including boxes, pizza boxes, milk cartons, and juice cartons.  Cardboard boxes should be broken down to lay flat.

Plastic and Metal products such as bottles, cans, foil, and trays.  Recycled plastics are typically numbered 1 through 7 and/or have an imprinted recycling symbol.  Food or drink containers should be empty and be rinsed before recycling.  Aerosol cans can be recycled, but please be sure they are empty.

Glass products such as bottles and jars. While totes will be available this fall, residents who currently wish to participate in glass recycling will need to provide their own containers, as glass must be separated from other commingled recycling. This can include plastic tubs, laundry bins, waste bins, or anything clean and waterproof. Alternatively, recycling totes are available for sale at local retail stores. Food or drink containers should be empty and be rinsed before recycling.

White Metal goods such as refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dryers, and hot water heaters are recyclable.  These large, heavy items are picked up along with regular bulk collection.

Electronics such as televisions, computers & peripherals, microwaves, phones, VCRs, and DVD players are recyclable.

Unacceptable recycled materials include: Styrofoam materials such as cups, plates, and packing materials; and hard plastics not marked as described in the paragraph above.

Other recyclables such as waste oil, antifreeze, and batteries are not collected by the city.  However, most Advanced Auto Parts stores and the Rockbridge Farmers’ Cooperative do accept these materials.


On scheduled collection days, recycling should be placed out along with solid waste.  In residential neighborhoods, please place at the curb or edge of pavement.  Businesses and downtown residents should place recyclables in the same pickup location as their solid waste.

When placing recyclables out for collection, please make reasonable effort to keep sidewalks clear for safe pedestrian passage and to avoid creating obstructions in the street that might interfere with safe vehicular travel.

Recycling Receptacle Availability

Several merchants in the area sell recycling totes and carts, including WalMart and Lowe's. Suitably sized containers are also available in local hardware stores and through online sources.


If you have questions concerning the recycling collection program, please contact the Public Works Department at 463-3154.  Thanks for your cooperation and participation in Lexington Recycling!