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Building Permits & Inspections

Building Permits

A building permit is required prior to constructing, enlarging, altering, or demolishing any structure, including its electrical, plumbing, or mechanical equipment. Ordinary repairs to existing structures are exempt. If you are not sure whether a building permit is required for work you are contemplating, please call the department.

Obtaining a Building Permit

Contact the code enforcement officer at 540-462-3738 or the secretary at 540-462-3704. Their offices are located on the second floor of City Hall at 300 East Washington Street. You can also find the building permit application online here

Requirements for a Building Permit

Sufficient drawings must be submitted to enable the department to evaluate the proposed work for conformance to the applicable codes. A site plan must also be submitted for additions and new construction. Permits may only be issued to state-licensed contractors or building owners.


General building permit fees (which can include electrical, mechanical and plumbing) for residential work are 0.40% of the estimated cost of construction. Fees for commercial (which can include electrical, mechanical and plumbing) work are 0.70% of the estimated construction cost. Individual electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits are 0.40% of the estimated cost for residential and 0.70% of the estimated cost for commercial work. The minimum fee for any permit is $50 plus a zoning permit fee of $50.


Contact the code enforcement officer at 540-462-3738 or the secretary at 540-462-3704 if you have questions or to request an inspection.