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City Council

**Due to COVID-19, we are taking actions to minimize attendance at City Council meetings. All City Council meetings will be broadcasted through our Facebook and then uploaded to the City's YouTube channel afterwards. If you are unable to view the meeting through either platform, the meeting audio is being recorded and will be posted the following day to the City’s website.

If you have information or comments related to any item on our agenda that you would like to have presented to City Council, we strongly encourage you to submit that information in writing, rather than appear at our meeting. If you wish to submit information, please submit those comments/statements by email: jhostetter@lexingtonva.gov, U.S. Mail: 300 East Washington Street, Lexington VA 24450 or to the City Hall dropbox (located on the back side of City Hall facing the parking lot) with City Manager written on the outside.  Contact information for individual members of City Council can be found below under "Meet Your Council."

Please contact Jani Hostetter at jhostetter@lexingtonva.gov or (540)462-3700, if you have any questions, comments or concerns.
We have partnered with iCompass and are pleased to introduce our Council Portal. The portal increases transparency by enabling our citizens to learn about meetings, search for documents, view reports, and more!
Within our Portal, you can:
  • Search for documents in our online library
  • Subscribe to meetings that interest you
  • View upcoming and past meetings using the Calendar
  • Review agendas and minutes within the Meeting area
Click the button below to access our portal!

Regular Meetings

The City Council meets every first and third Thursday of the month at 8 p.m., in the Waddell Elementary School Cafeteria (100 Pendleton Place, Lexington).

Agendas, Packets & Meeting Audio

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

View all agendas, packets and meeting audio here.


Current City Council members are listed under Elected Officials.

About City Council

The City Council is the legislative and policy-making body of the city. It is composed of six residents who are elected at large. The mayor, who is independently elected, is the presiding officer.

The responsibilities of the City Council include:

  • Enacting ordinances, resolutions, and orders necessary for the proper governing of the city's affairs
  • Reviewing and adopting the annual budget
  • Reviewing and deciding on recommendations from various boards and commissions
  • Appointing a city manager, city attorney, clerk of council, and residents to various boards and commissions
  • Establishing policies and measures to promote the general welfare of the city and safety and health of its residents
  • Representing the city at official functions and with other organizations

View the 2019 City Council Handbook for more information.

Strategic Plan

The Lexington Strategic Plan was adopted by City Council on January 3, 2019.

In early 2017, City Council began the creation of a new Strategic Plan. Council worked over the course of several months with an experienced consultant to develop a strategic vision, and city staff presented research on the elements of this strategic vision in the form of Policy Briefs in November 2017. In February of 2018, community members chosen by Council began working in volunteer groups to define action steps and provide perspective on Council-created goals. After reviewing the action steps, Council voted on the final document in January of 2019.

Other documents for review

2026 Vision Statement
Strategic Plan 2013-2015, adopted July 18, 2013. 
Economic Development Plan 2013-2015

City Council Minutes

 2020-0116 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (115.3 KB)
 2020-0102 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (118.5 KB)
 2020-0102 CC Minutes-Approved (175 KB)
 2019-1219 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (118.9 KB)
 2019-1219 CC Minutes-Approved (255.1 KB)
 2019-1205 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (99.5 KB)
 2019-1205 CC Minutes-Approved (210.4 KB)
 2019-1121 CC Minutes-Approved (210.2 KB)
 2019-1120 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (130.7 KB)
 2019-1107 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (121.2 KB)
 2019-1107 CC Minutes-Approved (236.4 KB)
 2019-1029 CC Closed Session Minutes-Approved (116.2 KB)
 2019-1017 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (132.4 KB)
 2019-1017 CC Minutes-Approved (310.4 KB)
 2019-1014 CC Closed Session Minutes-Approved (116.7 KB)
 2019-1003 CC Minutes-Approved (294.6 KB)
 2019-0925 CC Inter-Governmental Meeting Minutes-Approved (126.7 KB)
 2019-0919 CC Minutes-Approved (246.7 KB)
 2019-0919 CC Closed Session Minutes-Approved (116.1 KB)
 2019-0905 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (143.3 KB)
 2019-0905 CC Minutes-Approved (316.6 KB)
 2019-0801 CC Minutes-Approved (225.7 KB)
 2019-0718 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (69.9 KB)
 2019-0718 CC Minutes-Approved (300.1 KB)
 2019-0620 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (29 KB)
 2019-0620 CC Minutes-Approved (104.2 KB)
 2019-0606 CC Minutes-Approved (115.3 KB)
 2019-0604 CC Inter-Governmental Meeting Minutes-Approved (22.6 KB)
 2019-0516 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (27.3 KB)
 2019-0516 CC Minutes-Approved (131.9 KB)
 2019-0502 CC Minutes-Approved (59.3 KB)
 2019-0418 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (35.8 KB)
 2019-0418 CC Minutes-Approved (86.9 KB)
 2019-0410 CC Budget Work Session Minutes-Approved (48.6 KB)
 2019-0404 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (40.4 KB)
 2019-0404 CC Minutes-Approved (54.7 KB)
 2019-0321 CC Minutes-Approved (187.5 KB)
 2019-0307 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (42.1 KB)
 2019-0307 CC Minutes-Approved (109 KB)
 2019-0221 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (65.8 KB)
 2019-0221 CC Minutes-Approved (75.2 KB)
 2019-0207 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (40.7 KB)
 2019-0207 CC Minutes-Approved (96.7 KB)
 2019-0117 CC Minutes-Approved (104.8 KB)
 2019-0103 CC Work Session Minutes-Approved (30.9 KB)
 2019-0103 CC Minutes-Approved (105 KB)